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    Why Your Tot Needs Woolsters

    Wool is amazing.  If you don't know why you need Woolsters in your life, let us broaden your horizons!  

    Wool regulates itself to body temperature!  That's right, we said it.  Woolsters regulate itself to your tots temperature.  So when it's cold outside, it will keep your tot warm and when it's warm outside, it will keep your tot cool. 

    Wool is a natural wicking fiber.  It actually allows moisture to pass through without retaining any of the moisture in the wool itself.  Wool absorbs up to 30% of its weight in moisture without becoming damp or clammy.  Even if your tots Woolsters get wet, his/her body stays warm.  Add to that, it's unique structure and it won't trap any body odors!  So you don't have to wash your Woolsters every time your tot plays in them, unless they like to roll around in the mud.  Less laundry for mom + dad.  Yippee! 

    Speaking of less laundry, dirt sits right on the surface of the fiber.  In most cases, it can be wiped off easily.  It dries quickly and is flame-retardant (not that your tot will be on fire anytime soon).

    Our trendy Woolsters are just what you need for your tots wardrobe.  And if you are cloth diapering, our Woolsters are incredible on your tots cloth bum.

    How to care for your Woolsters

    Like we mentioned above, you don't have to wash your Woolsters every time your tot wears them.  But, when they need laudering, here is how.

    Step One:  We recommend handwashing your Woolsters but some machines now have a "wool cycle".  If you trust your washer, you can wash them on the "wool cycle".  The main issue you don't want to run into is felting.  This is when there is too much friction on the wool fibers and they start to shrink.  Wash with a very delicate soap or soap specifically for wool.  Follow the directions on the soap label. 

    Step Two:  If you are handwashing, squeeze the water out.  Do not wring it out.  You can cover the Woolster in a towel and press out the excess water. 

    Step Three:  Dry Flat.  DO NOT USE ANY HEAT!  If you do, they will felt and shrink and your tot won't like that.

    If you cloth diaper, you can use a soap with added lanolin to help wick away moisture better.  Follow the directions on the label and launder as stated above.

    Our Wool

    We source our extra fine merino wool from Italy.  It is tested for harmful substances according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and meets all of the requirements of the Italian Ministry of Health.