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    I have some exciting news that I’ve been wanting to share for a VERY long time!  First I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased, supported and followed Rox + Rumble since the store last September.  Although there have been some bumps along the way (I’ll explain more in a bit), you have been there.  It brings me so much happiness to have each of you surrounding Rox + Rumble.


    I have worked hard with our new manufacturer in order to get the Spring/Summer 2016 collection ready to launch. I want to be sure to keep an open line of communication about who Rox +Rumble is as a company.  Before getting into too much detail I will have to tell you a bit of history behind Rox + Rumble.  I hope you don’t mind reading, because it might get a bit long. 


    Over a year ago I contacted a US knitwear manufacturer out of New York regarding my designs and they started producing several samples.  Unfortunately after receiving more then 6 sample sets over the course of 5 months, they could not produce a single sample that I could launch with.  At one point, they sent a sample with one pant leg a full inch longer on one side, another sample that had holes in the knit along with many other issues.  I decided it was time to terminate the relationship.  Unfortunately, they stole thousands of dollars from me including a lot of the production yarn.  Yes, you are reading this correctly AND this was a US manufacturer.


    After terminating the relationship with the first manufacturer, I immediately contacted another US knitwear manufacturer to get things rolling again.  The samples they sent were GREAT and I was very excited to start production with them.  As the production pieces started to arrive, measurements were off, the waistbands were bunched and the production did not match the samples that were originally provided.  I was forced to offer many of these pieces in the Seconds Sale.  Most of the “Gameday” Woolsters were sold as Seconds because of the inconsistencies with the production.  As the other styles came in, some measurements were off and I started to see other issues in several pairs.  And yes, again, this was a US manufacture.  Because of the issues, the decision was made to start looking for a NEW manufacturer.


    I contacted my cousin, who has used several US manufacturers for her products (not knitwear related) and we had come to the same conclusion…It’s hard to find a decent US manufacturer who is going to do a GREAT job.  I really wanted Rox + Rumble to be a “made in the USA” company.  Unfortunately I have to source elsewhere.  For the cost of what I am paying per piece and the quality I am receiving, I can’t stomach it and the business won’t survive especially if I have to continually sell a large portion of the products in a Seconds Sale.  It’s truly sad to say but it seems some US Manufactures (at least my experience to-date) have lost their pride in producing quality garments. 


    With that said, I am moving the knitwear production to Romania!  I started looking into manufacturing in Romania because my husbands family moved there when he was a child to help rebuild the country after communist rule.  Although he and his siblings have moved back to the US, his parents still live there.  Because we have ties there and we visit at least once per year, it made sense to see what Romania had to offer in knitwear manufacturing.  And I have found it!  I am very excited to work with our new Romanian manufacturer.  They have been very attentive to detail.  They want to make sure we are 100% happy with each sample they provide.  I am very pleased and equally impressed with the ladies that work there.  They are very friendly and work flawlessly together almost like a family.  The atmosphere is very pleasant and relaxed and I can't say enough about them.  


    The new product is absolutely phenomenal.  The quality is amazing.  By partnering with our new manufacturer, we have been able to keep the stretch in the waistband while perfecting it to be sure the elastic won’t roll.  We have been able to keep the Woolsters lightweight and breathable but have added the double layer in the wet-zone.  The tags have also been upgraded- they look AMAZING!  


    I am so proud of Rox + Rumble's new line of products, I can’t wait for you to see and try them! 


    Along with the new manufacturing we are launching a Rox + Rumble Gives Back Program.  To learn more, click HERE.


    Below are pictures we took while visiting the manufacturer during the production of our Capris.