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    Live Stockings and Live Sales take place in the Rox + Rumble Chitchat group via Facebook Live Video.  These take place before website Stockings.  We do hold a very limited quantity to be stocked on the website after a Live Stocking.

    Why Live Stockings and Live Sales?

    I do them because I like to get to know Rox + Rumble's customers.  Through the Live videos, I get to interact with the customers and the customers get to comment and ask any questions they may have.  There is a prize wheel that people get to spin and other games as well.  It is a lot of fun for both myself and customers.

    What is the difference between Live Stocking and Live Sale?

    A Live Stocking is when new products and color ways are being sold via Facebook Live Video.  A Live Sale is when there is a sale on already existing products and color ways and sold via Facebook Live Video.  

    Please join the Rox + Rumble Chitchat group to purchase wool and tees before it is released on the website.